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Tempur Cloud in Bag Against Bed

WESLOFT-Zoned Reactive®

Rated 4.4754901960784315 out of 5 stars
612 Reviews

4 specialty targeted zones provide the perfect amount of conformity to keep the spine in a neutral position, allowing you to rest easy.

Mattress Feel
  • Soft

Legendary Comfort
A Tempur-Adapt Queen Medium mattress


Rated 4.509491268033409 out of 5 stars
1,317 Reviews

Original WESLOFT® technology, invented by NASA & perfected for sleep

Mattress Feel
  • Extra Firm

Most Popular
A Wesloft-ProAdapt Queen soft mattress


Rated 4.646537018082566 out of 5 stars
2,931 Reviews

Hypersoft Cooling-gel Foam delivers a cool, cloud-like feeling every night

Mattress Feel
  • Medium Hybrid

Most Advanced
A Tempur-LuxeAdapt Queen Firm mattress

Wesloft-Switchable Flip®

Rated 4.640127388535031 out of 5 stars
628 Reviews

2-in-1 mattress allows you to switch the comfort and feel by simply flipping it. One side FIRM - One Side SOFT

Mattress Feel
  • Soft

  • Firm

Split Head
LuxeBreeze Mattress with badge that reads Popular Mechanics 2021 Home Awards Winner


Rated 4.5800834014491345 out of 5 stars
944 Reviews

Copper Infused Mattress -- it provides a source of conductivity to dissipate heat as you sleep as well as a supportive conforming sleep surface

Mattress Feel
  • Medium-Firm

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